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Zahn Cup

Viscosity is measured by the number of seconds it takes for a measured amount of coating to flow out of a Zahn cup, which is a container with a hole in the bottom. Zahn cups are graded by the size of the hole.

Nicoat uses a Byk-Gardner Signature Series, #3 Zahn cup for sheet-fed offset and the Byk-Gardner Signature Series, #2 Zahn cup for web offset

Always use the same cup for viscosity measurements. For accurate results, the cup must be clean and dry, without dents or flaws. In addition, it must be the same temperature as the coating to be measured, because the temperature of the cup affects the temperature of the coating.

Test Nicoat coatings at 72F. If plant conditions require that the coatings be used at a different temperature, then measure the viscosity at that temperature. Just remember that departing from the recommended running temperature may require adjustments elsewhere. Notify Nicoat if plant conditions do not allow you to use the coating at the recommended temperature.

Always measure coatings at the same temperature.
Record test results for future reference.