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Measuring Viscosity

Thoroughly stir the coating in the drum or other container. Avoid creating foam.

Do not use coatings in the pan or holding tank for viscosity measurements as the results could be inaccurate.

  • Zahn CupMeasure the temperature of the coating. Adjust the temperature of the coating, if necessary (Nicoat recommends 72°F).
  • Completely submerge the Zahn cup in the coating and allow it to fill, avoiding debris or foam.
  • Holding the cup vertically, lift it out of the coating in a smooth, rapid motion.
  • Start the stopwatch as the cup clears and coating starts to flow out of the hole.
  • Stop the stopwatch at the first definite break in the coating's stream. Record the time in seconds.
  • Clean the cup immediately with hot water. Do not use any kind of scrubbing pad or metal tool that might scratch the inside of the cup.*
  • Even minor scratches or damage to the opening will compromise the accuracy of your measurements. Dry with a clean, soft cloth.